TransMax Enterprise Solutions

Data Recovery

At the time when most of the important data are digitized, there is always a chance of corruption or damage or deletion of such data. TransMax has an expertise in accessing the corrupted or damaged data from the storage device, swiftly and in a secure way.

Document Management Solution

Documentation is important for any organization and it should be maintained appropriately as it contains the process details and much more. Document Management System deals with the storage and management of numerous corporate documents which includes versoning, indexing, secure and easy retrieval.

TransMax provides professional DMS services and ensures the security of client’s documents.

Smart Home Solution

Managing your Home while away on the move has just become easier.Using Android device or a Smarphone sitting far away you can relax and manage the complete home connections just as the way you do it while being physically present. Using your smartphone as the controlling device for various home appliances is just as easy as you play a game on the mobile device. TransMax provides you the power of using mobiles and run your home appliances without worrying for having different remote for each appliance.

ERP Package

TransMax provides extended ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Services to its customers to help them efficiently manage and integrate an automated core business process bringing together the product plannning, development, maufacturing, sales and marketing. We have a highly experienced team which can provide complete solution from product manufacturing to marketing and inventory management and help client to accelerate sales for better profitability.

Raised Access Computer Flooring

TransMax provides your server room a seamless flooring solution utilizing it’s skilled team of experts in coordination with the manufacturers who monitor the whole process till completion. Raised access floors are very helpful in maximizing the use of available space. It lets the electrical setup remain undisturbed and thus save from damages or accidents.